There is shocking disclosure in the matter of influencing the US presidential election. Russian hackers attempted to tamper with one of the two, but not in the election system of 39 states. Some things have also come out of their success. It is much more than the estimates of the cyber attack in the elections.

Russia has consistently rejected the allegations of interfering in the elections. According to the media report, Russian hackers hacked the database of voters of 39 states and software used by election officials. Hackers also made their access to the financial details of campaigning. However, its effects have not been told.

russian hacker

The report has been cited in the Illinois province. Russian hackers hacked the database of voters of the state and tried to change or erase the information related to voters. Investigators say that in the event of successful hackers, the election process is badly affected. This report came to the media at a time when the US Senate Intelligence Committee is investigating the transit between Russian intervention and the Trump Government in the presidential election.

New disclosures can cause problems of President Donald Trump Thousands of voters have been asked to tamper with records of more than 90,000 voters in Illinois province. There are about 1.5 crore voters in the database. It also includes personal information. More than a hundred local election workers were targeted in the e-mail hacking campaign.