Astronomers have discovered two new huge gaseous planets. They are 138 light years away from our planet and revolve around a star.

According to researchers, one of these is as much as the Saturn planet, while the other is a cold planet. Its mass is many times more than Jupiter planet. These two planets revolve around the planet called HD 27849. This star was identified in 2005 and its mass is less than 20 percent less than the Sun. Researchers led by Triphon Triphonov of Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Astronomy analyzed new data for the discovery of new planets present in the HD 27849 system. In this, they identified two new gaseous planets.

They have been named HD 27894C and HD 27894D. The mass of HD 27894 C is Jupiter Planet 0.16 times higher. This planet takes only 36 days to revolve your star. It makes the orbiting of its star very closely. While the HD 27894D is 5.4 times higher than the planet Jupiter. It takes more than 14 years to revolve your star. It is located very far from its star.


This planet of the universe will be known on the16-year-oldd Indian girl.

16-year-old girl got respect

16-year-old Pingali studied in Bengaluru. Zeni has discovered a new way to prevent a lake from its city being polluted. In honor of which MIT Lincoln Laboratory gave the name of a planet alongside. MIT has got the naming status of small planets. According to the reports, Zaini joined the International Science Fair (ISEF). Where in the Earth and Environmental Science category, Zini got the second prize. With that pleased MIT decided to name the planet after the name of Zeni.

Developed by an application

While studying in the Environmental and Water Resource Engineering Center at the University of Michigan, a resident of Bangalore. Actually, Jane has developed an application, which collects data for water testing. This mobile-based app works on electronic sensors. With the help of which the physical sample of the water sample can be measured and the chemical parameter can be measured. In this app, color recognition and mapping software are also inbuilt.