The media, who taught the lesson of knowledge around the world, responded by saying Salman Khan’s film tube light’s 8-year-old actor Matin Ray Tangu has given a resounding reply.

 Tubelight 'Matin Ray' lights the lights of the media

Responding to a stupid question of a media worker, who forced everyone to think not only to think, but on such a question, other people started peeping at their side.

A woman sitting in the media questioned Matin whether she had come to India for the first time. The answer to this small child artist said that when she lives in India, how can she come to India for the first time?

 Tubelight 'Matin Ray' lights the lights of the media

The reporter did not know that Salman had shot the film with this child in Manali. So how can this be asked about the question of coming to India for the first time? Some people used to think Matin Ray as a child because Salman Khan had introduced this child to some such media in the early days.Not only this, when Jackie Chan came to India to promote his film Kung Fu Yoga, Salman went to meet Jackie Chan with this kid.

 Tubelight 'Matin Ray' lights the lights of the media

Therefore, there was such a confusion in the beginning that this child could be from China, but during its introduction, it had made it clear that it is the son of India.Matin, a resident of Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh, is Salman Khan’s favorite star of all time, and has made everyone crazy with his flirtatious movements.

Salman Khan organized a spectacular event for introducing this child to the media, in which the child talked to the media for a long time.But this stupid question of media worker in this event turned the head of the media into shame.

People of North East often complain that they do not have good behavior in other parts of the country. Some people shy away from accepting this country.But Matin Ray has convinced everyone with his brilliant reply and has shown that Arunachal’s child and child treat himself as India.