The terrorists had plotted to target tennis’s most prestigious Wimbledon tournaments. The mastermind of the London Bridge attack was a Pakistani national Khurram but he was trying to get a job in that security firm which provided security support for Wimbledon and other sporting events. Anti-terror police is now investigating 27-year-old Butt for his motus.

According to the media report, job interview for Job firm in security firm providing security for Wimbledon and football clubs was fixed at the end of June. It is likely that Butt first planned to take part in the tennis tournament but after the bomb blast in Manchester Arena, he attacked the London Bridge as a result of the hasty execution of the conspiracy. Butt worked for six months in the London Underground Metro but later quit his job. Although the Intelligence Agency M-15 and Anti-Terrorist Police were keeping an eye on the butt but still managed to get the job at Westminster station.

This is because the employers do not have a list of the police suspects at the time of the investigation of the record. In the past, Butt and his two companions Rashid Rodeen and Yusuf Jasba of Moroccan origin had run the van at high speed on the passers-by on the London Bridge. After this, the incident of stabbing in the nearby Borough market was carried out. Eight people were killed in this. The London Bridge attackers also planned to host some people. However, they did not get success. Police have arrested 20 people since the attack. Scotland police released pictures of fake suicide belts that were held by the three attackers last night. It was made of water bottles which were tied to the leather belt.