In western Afghanistan, the Taliban killed ten police personnel and seriously injured three.Five terrorists were also killed in the firing from both sides. This police station is located near Salma Dam. The checkpoint was made to monitor the dam.

Governor of Western Herat Province Jelani Farhad told that on Saturday night the Taliban attacked a police post and carried out the incident. Although no terrorist organization has taken responsibility for the attack so far, Jailani says that the way the Taliban attacked has been attacked.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said in his address after the prayer of Eid-ul-Fitr that the Taliban should negotiate with the government. The President says that they have the support of people with the international community. The supporters of the Taliban are now becoming desperate now.

Significantly, the construction of Salma Dam is India’s ambitious plan. The dam built on the Chisht-e-Sharif river is composed of 75 thousand hectares of area. It produces 45 MW of electricity. This dam built at a cost of 17 crores of rupees was jointly inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi and Afghan President in June 2016. It is made in the participation of the two countries. Built at a distance of 165 km from Herat city, this dam is the foundation of new relations between India and Afghanistan. It also reflects India’s attitude on how sensitive she is in the fight against terrorism.