In the pastures of terrorists, Islamic State (IS) militants in Afghanistan have captured ten Taliban militants and have their heads cut. The incident belongs to Akbalka village of Darjeb district of Jawzan province. Attacking the village, the IS terrorists had captured her and after that, the Taliban rebels were arrested. In another development, while the Taliban assaulted and killed 13 fighters of the pro-armed armed group of the government.

The pro-militia convoy was attacked in an attack on Chemtal area after being ambushed when he was going to participate in a security action. The number of fighters killed in the attack can increase. Governor of Northern Balkh Province, Munir Ahmed Farhad has confirmed the incident.

These militias, working with the help of Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry, deal with the Taliban and other rebels with the help of locals. The Taliban have accelerated their attacks since April. He has taken responsibility for the attack. The Taliban still occupy large areas of Afghanistan and it governs the region. Even after nearly 15 years of fighting, the US-led NATO forces and Afghanistan’s army have not been able to eliminate the Taliban.