Every school in London will have a knife detector. This will allow students who are carrying hideouts and other weapons, including knives.

London mayor Sadiq Khan said that this step would be raised in London to curb the increasing number of crimes committed by a knife. So far this year, 24 people have been killed in knife attacks. All of them were under 25 years of age. The city’s Metropolitan Police said on Tuesday that went seized 518 knives and 61 guns in a week of operation.

Police officials conducted 622 arrests, including 180 people, in the case of a knife. The Mayor said, “Any youth in the city should not be allowed to do violence. To avoid this, we are working on providing them support. ” Sadiq Khan has prepared a tough and comprehensive strategy to stop the crime. A total of nine million dollars (about 58 million rupees) will be spent on this campaign.