South Korea’s new President Moon J. will visit Washington this week to meet his American counterpart Donald Trump on the issue of North Korea, endowed with nuclear weapons.North Korea, in pursuing missile and nuclear tests after one, is not giving any special attention to international sanctions in pursuing these missile programs.

South Korea's new president is going to meet Trump due to trouble caused by North America

President Moon-Jay-he is a peace-loving leader, after assuming office last month, he had said that before going to Washington, he would like to go to Pyongyang, but it seems that his peaceful moves are not making any difference to North Korea. His motto is still intact. Even after assuming power from Moon, it has accelerated the missile test.

At the same time, in the editorial of the official North Korea official newspaper last week, it was said that South Korea was warned that he was not following the United States. This editorial had written, ‘South Korea has to walk on the path of waste, then follow that psychopath trump.’

After this announcement has been made by South Korea that the President has now chosen America for his first foreign visit. To protect South Korea from its neighbors, the US has deployed more than 28,000 troops there.