The security forces will make Kashmir while achieving a major success on Monday, and two militants of Zakir Musa, who gave a slogan to Darul Islam, killed Kifayat and Jahangir in a fierce encounter in Bamanu (Pulwama). Two or three companions of the killed terrorists are surrounded by security forces and the para commandos have been called. The house collapsed till late night, but the adjoining houses kept the terrorists intermittently and fired. Four security personnel, including a Major, have also been injured in this encounter. At the same time, a violent mob wrecked stones to save the terrorists stranded in the siege. In the action taken to control them, 20 people, including seven policemen, were injured. Two injured in the injured protesters.

The injured security personnel were identified as Major Rohit Shukla of 44 RR (National Rifles), Sub Gaikwad Madan of two Para, Sub Inspector Ashok Jakhar of CRPF and 183 Battalion of CRPF and Separate of 44 RR Bharat Singh. The 44 RR men of the army raided their whereabouts to catch the terrorists hidden in Bamanu village on Monday morning. The terrorists got to know the arrival of the jawans and they ran towards the safe place. The jawans followed them and complained to him in the encounter and in a short time a terrorist was killed outside the local mosque, while two others took shelter in the nearby area.

Taking the dead body of the dead terrorist, the security forces continued their campaign against two other companions. In the morning at 9 in the morning, the second terrorist was also killed, but by then all the people in the area gathered at the encounter site after listening to the announcement on the mosques. They started stone pelting on the jawans who were trying to kill the terrorists. Meanwhile, some youths tried to snatch their weapons while assaulting the security forces. In order to overcome the crowd, two demonstrators Jahangir Ahmad Wage and Muhammad Salim were injured in a reportedly shot in bullet. Both the injured have been brought to Srinagar for treatment.

Officials said that in order to capture the third of the killed terrorists, the paramilitary commandos were called at six in the evening. They said that the number of terrorists stranded in the circle could be two to three. The house where the terrorists have taken shelter is located in the tight street. Some other houses are also adjacent to him. So terrorists can try to escape.

Lashkar militant Riyaz Naiku was stuck in a siege of security forces with his two companions in the Nayaku Pulwama district on Sunday under the guise of stone pelting. To stop the security forces from coming towards their hideout, he tried to run away from the bullets. Meanwhile, the villagers also got there and started pelting stones on the jawans. The jawans continued the campaign against the terrorists while stalking stones, but after midnight, the terrorists escaped from there.