After July 1, when the GST (goods and services tax) will be imposed in the country, the train will become expensive after July 1. Now the next month, more rail passengers will have to pay higher fares who prefer to travel in AC and first class.

Why Travel to AC and First Class Traveling:

According to the information, service tax on ticket charges will increase after GST is implemented. After July 1, service tax will be charged at 5% instead of 4.5%. That means it will increase half (0.5) percent. Let us know that the service tax is charged on AC and First Class tickets of Railways. A railway official said that if your ticket price is currently Rs 2,000 in present time, then now on July 1, travelers will have to pay Rs. 2010 for the same ticket.

Taxes will be charged in the train from the already booked people.

Passengers who have already booked tickets before July 1, will also have to pay half-a-dozen tax on their train in the train. Railways have also started preparations for this exercise. After GST is implemented, almost half of the passenger fares will be repaid during the taxing journey. This amount will recover from the passenger only during the TTE journey. In view of the GST preparations since July 1, the Railways have appointed nodal officers in each state to ensure that there is no problem with the new single tax regime.