Chief Minister Nitish Kumar met the Governor of Bihar, Ramnath Kovind after the announcement of the candidature of the NDA by the NDA. However, when asked about his party’s support, he said that all these things will be discussed further.

Nitish said after meeting with Kovind, “Bihar’s Governor Ramnath Kovind is now the proclaimed candidate of the Presidential Rank. He did a very good job as the governor of the state. It is a matter of happiness that they have been declared presidential candidates. Therefore, my duty was to make the Chief Minister meet with his governor because now he is the presidential candidate and our governor of Bihar, so I met him to express his respect. ”

Kovind to decide on JDU support laterĀ 

Asked whether Ramnath Kovind being supported by JDU as the presidential candidate, Nitish said, “It is not right to ask the answers to these questions right now. Our Laloo ji has also talked. There was a call to Sonia Gandhi too. I have also made my feelings known. But all these things will be discussed further. It is a matter of great pleasure for me that the Governor of Bihar has been declared the President of the country. ”

Before being declared as the Presidential candidate of Ramnath Kovind, the Chief Minister, after answering the questions asked by the media representatives in the context of the presidential election, said that it all depends on the power party. The party should make a consensus. The decision will be taken if the name of the Presidential candidate comes first. If the party does not make consensus then the candidate will be elected by the opposition.

He said that the phone call of Union Minister Arun Jaitley came Saturday night but the name was not mentioned in the conversation.

Nitish said that the opposition is interacting with each other. The call came from CPM leader Sitaram Yechury too. Talked to Ahmed Patel too Opposition parties will take their decision on June 22. On the question asked about LK Advani’s name, the Chief Minister had said that this is an internal matter of the BJP.