Will not be Hockey India League next year? The sparkle is similar. If the fluff is right, then the world’s biggest hockey league will not be played in 2018. It is being said that some franchises involved in the league are not happy. They want to shrink. That’s why the decision has not been made to league.

Hockey India League

According to Hockey commentator Ashley Morrison at the blog not at The Futu Show, Hockey India has written to the International Hockey Federation (FIH) that the league will not be next year.

The Hockey India League was looking at the crisis for some time in the past. Especially after the assassination of Ponty Chadha, the owner of Delhi Waveriders and the crisis in the Sahara India family. Sahara India family officially owns UP wizards. But everyone knows that the Ranchi Range purchased in the name of Mahendra Singh Dhoni is similar to the Sahara India family team.

Hockey India League

Apart from these three teams, the JP Group has been going through a financial crisis for some time now. The JP Punjab Warriors team bought it only. For the 2018 season there were seven teams in the league. The seventh team was to be from Bengaluru, which JSW had decided to take.

It is believed that Delhi Waveriders’ interest is not interested in the league. He was also unhappy in the 2017 season. John Abraham, who was associated with the team, did not even come in the 2017 season even during the team’s match. Monty Chadha, son of Waveriders owner Ponty Chadha, also did not appear in this season.

Hockey India LeagueIt is being said about the Sahara India family that they want to keep the same team. In this period of crisis, they do not want to spend two teams. In total, there are only two teams played in the 2017 season, which are ready to play without any fanfare in 2018. A Dabang Mumbai and the other Kalinga Lancers. Among them, Kalinga Lancers has no problem, because these teams have been bought together by several government companies.

If there is no league in 2018, then it will be very bad news for Indian hockey. The league has helped bring Indian hockey back to the world. However, Hockey India is still silent on this whole issue so far. Hockey India has refused to comment.