Please read this story to know how a little discomfort can be a cause for such a big accident. In the US, with a family in the restaurant, a small negligence during the lunch could have become the cause of death. Indeed, on Sundays (June 11), after a prayer at the Smith Family Church in Wins, America, he went to a local restaurant to eat food. Everything was fine, all ate and ate, and started going home, when the attention of Aliya’s mom Alexis went to the cup on the table from which her 18-month-old daughter Alia was drinking apple juice. Alexis did not feel anything right. He asked the husband to test that juice. As soon as Alexis’s husband took a sip of liquid, his chest started burning. All were surprised, till then the ninja ali started to be a little restless. Alia’s mother also drank a sip of ‘juice’ She had understood that the daughter who was drinking the juice of the same daughter till now was actually alcohol. Smith Family demanded Apple juice for his daughter, but he was served alcohol.

Alia, 18 months old, served alcohol in place of Apple Juice in the restaurant, as soon as the baby took a sip ….

After this there was a ruckus in the restaurant. When Smith Family told the whole incident to the manager, he told that it is a case of mislabeling, and the apple juice label was sticking to the wine bottle. Meanwhile, the ill health of innocent Alia was worsening. Immediately the Poison Control Department was called, and Alia was admitted to the hospital. The fact is that the doctors took charge of Alia and escaped from being an unlucky person. The restaurant has apologized for this incident.

Later, Alia’s mother told that her daughter had drank alcohol three or four times, due to this her health did not get worse. Ali’s condition could worsen if according to the restaurant attendant, they would have asked him to put the ‘juice’ in Alia’s sipar. If that were so, then according to his habit, that sipper would have drunk alcohol several times. At present, this incident of negligence is getting a lot of coverage in the American local media.