After all, Kumble did what he did, which he has done full life. In the language of cricket, he decided to play them directly with the bat. Talking to Kumble’s style, he used the flipper, which comes straight after falling. They talked to CAC The trio of CAC, Sourav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar and VVS Laxman, is to choose the coach. He made his point clear. Decided to step out of the coach After that, release your statement.

Kumble’s statement - the post left for the cause of Virat

It is being said that Kumble talked to some of his close people for this. They prepared a statement. What should be the statement, they should get some suggestions. But it is being said that in the end, Kumble gave the same statement as he wanted to give.

He has written that I am proud of the CAC step. He asked me to continue working as head coach. Whatever the team’s performance in the last one year, the credit goes to the captain, the entire team, coaching and support staff.

Kumble’s statement - the post left for the cause of Virat

Kumble further writes that during the first time talking to me, the BCCI informed that the captain is unhappy with my style. They have some ‘reservations’ on the style. He does not agree to continue my work as a head coach. I’m surprised. I always respected the limits of the role of captain and coach. However, the BCCI tried to remove misunderstandings between me and the captain. But it became clear that these partnerships cannot go anymore. That’s why it was good for me to go ahead.

Kumble further wrote, “Professional attitude, commitment, honesty, ability to appreciate each other and different thoughts are some of the aspects that I brought. If a partnership is to be strong, then it is important to have them. I think the coach’s job is to catch the mirror, so that the improvement of the team is improving constantly. ”

Kumble, after writing lightly on Virat, writes that in view of the reservation, I think it would be better that the BCCI and the CAC hand over the work to someone else. After this, Kumble thanked the cricket fans from the BCCI, the CAC.

Kumble’s statement did not leave any room for speculation. Although Virat Kohli had also accepted the fact that there were differences. But he had said that even in the family there may be disagreement between two people. But now Kumble’s statement made it clear that the matter is more than disagreement.