One of the important issues that will be discussed during PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel will be to increase cooperation in cyber security. Just a day before PM Modi’s visit, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this. Modi will arrive in Israel on Tuesday under his three-day tour

Netanyahu, participating in the Cyber Week 2017 conference organized at Tel Aviv University, said that it had to be blamed for saying that you are from Israel. Today if you talk about cyber or advanced technology then the whole world wants to know. The whole world is coming here

While denouncing Modi as one of the world’s key Prime Ministers, Netanyahu said that Indian leaders want close cooperation with Israel in many areas including cyber. He said the Prime Minister of India is coming to the tour. With the fastest growing third largest economy, he is one of the world’s most important prime ministers. He wants close cooperation with Israel in many areas including water, agriculture, health and cyber and he has a good reason for this.