The government agency and IRCTC, which is going to be listed in the stock market, has now become cashless. This agency is now offering travelers a ticket in credit. Let us know that this facility has been started this month on behalf of the website. Learn how and who can get tickets from this facility.

How to get tickets without money?

You will have to book the tickets five days before your trip and you will not be asked for this booking. But you have to pay 14 days after this. However, for this special feature you will be charged a service charge of 3.5 percent. Let us know that for this new arrangement, IRCTC has compromised with a company epeeller of Mumbai.

What is to say, IRCTC’s spokesperson said : “This special service gives travelers the convenience of book tickets immediately without worrying about money. About 50 people have also been using this service. ”

Tickets will be paid within 14 days of booking: However, in this special facility you will have to pay the ticket rent within the next 14 days of ticket booking. If you do not do this then the IRCTC can also impose a fine on you. Also, those who will come to pay money, they can be deprived of this facility for ever.

How much money will get the ticket for the loan: For information, please tell you how much money will be available to the users who booked tickets from IRCTC, depending on credit history, digital footprint, device information and online paper pattern.