The government will launch India’s first National Data Repository (NDR) next week, which will consolidate, preserve and maintain the country’s sedimentary data for the future use of oil and gas exploration and production. .

Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan will launch the National Data Repository (NDR) on 28th June, which would help India to move towards the Open Airway Licensing System, where companies will select those areas Where he wants to find oil and gas. At present, the government selects and delivers (delimit) the areas offered for bidding in an exploration licensing round.

An official source has informed that under the open land licensing regime (open airरेज licensing system) Companies can go to NDR and they can view the data to find out the current production areas and areas. Of those areas which are not subject to any licensee, they can prepare a suitable area for them and can express interest in exploration and production. Once the area is selected, the government can add it to the bidding process.