Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka has completely rejected the concept that the Indian IT sector is not fully dependent on H-1B visas in terms of business. Earlier, the Trump Administration had issued a strong warning to those companies who applied for a higher number of H-1B visas to hire foreign workers on lower wages.

Vishal SikkaIndian IT companies will have to grip themselves on the new opportunities that are being created due to new techniques like Artificial Intelligence so that they can scale their global leadership in this rapidly changing Infotech environment. Retain

Coin said during an interview, “It would be completely wrong to say that we are completely dependent on H-1B visas. For example, if you look at the past 10 years, you will find that H-1B visas were allowed around 65,000 every year. According to this, in ten years, this number settles around 650,000. And we are massively giving jobs to millions of people. Infosys has 200,000 employees alone and TCS has given jobs to people around it. “