Team India is on a tour of West Indies this time and is playing a five-match ODI series. There have been two matches of this series, in which one rain gift was lifted, one in which India had won. The two teams will play the third ODI on Friday. Team India will look to win this match to make it 2-0.

However, even before winning this match, Team India will make a record of a great name. Along with this match, the Indian team will become the second team to play 600 matches on foreign soil in ODI cricket. Before India, only Pakistani team has done such a thing.

India has so far played 914 ODI matches Of these, he has won 463 matches and he has got lost in 404. There are 40 matches that have come to a conclusion.

Talking about the domestic field, India has played 315 ODIs out of which it has won 183 and India lost in 121. 2 matches are tie-up and no result has come out of 9.

At the same time, India has won 280 out of 599 one-day matches on foreign soil. 283 matches are lost by India and 5 matches are tie, there is no result of 31 matches.

While the Pakistani cricket team has played a total of 700 matches on foreign soil. Pakistan has won 354 of these matches and lost 325. Pak team’s 7 matches are tie-up and there is no result of 14.

Besides India and Pakistan, Sri Lanka has won 226 out of 553 foreign matches. West Indies (519), Australia (473), New Zealand (438) have played matches overseas. The England team has played a total of 408 matches outside of their country. Of these, it won 183 votes.