Cricket’s two biggest opponents in the world will be in front of the Oval ground in London on Sunday.While India will want to retain the tradition of defeating Pakistan in major tournaments, Pakistan will also make every effort to wash its stain. Whether it is England’s season or not, will there be any fears of this between India and Pakistan?

This is also because more weather has played from the players during the ICC Champions Trophy tournament. A legendary Australian team started out of the tournament in the opening stages. In such a situation, when the big match of Indo-Pak will be played in London’s Oval Maida Na, everyone will expect the weather to be clean.

Look at the forecast of the weather department so today the weather is good. There is a possibility of sunburn in London since morning.

From 5 in the morning until 10 o’clock in London, it is estimated to be completely sunny. Even at 11 o’clock, there is a possibility of much sunlight. However, there may be some cloudbursts after 11 o’clock, but there is more chance to keep the weather clear all day. In London, this match will be played from 10.30 in the morning there.

However, due to the final match reserve day-day has also been kept for the match. That is, if India and Pakistan are not able to match today due to rain, then there will be a chance to see a great match between them.