Ex Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni fiercely criticized after putting slowest half century in fourth ODI against west Indies, due to this Dhoni lost his trust in Indian fans. This is slowest half century ever made in 16 years of his ODI international career. He scored 54 runs in 114 balls which is the slowest half century. India lost fourth ODI by 11 runs.

Dhoni knows well when to take retirement, definitely he will play in 2019 World Cup: Chanchal Bhattacharya

Apart from this, questions were asked on his ability to finish the match. Some of them advised Dhoni to take retirement as soon as possible from the international cricket.

But Dhoni’s childhood coach defend dhoni and said “every day is not Sunday” he also said one bad innings cannot decide the ability of Dhoni.

In an interview with AINN, Chanchal said Dhoni has still capability to play 2019 World Cup. 54 runs inning cannot decide the future of Dhoni, he knows well when to take retirement, still he is the fittest player in Indian Cricket team.

Sunday was not his day and if he finishes the match as he usually does then everybody call him a great finisher. Dhoni says goodbye from test cricket in year 2014 because he was not enjoying the game.

“Yesterday Dhoni, who turned 36, his face smeared with cake as current captain Virat Kohli and the other teammates celebrated his wicketkeeper-batsman’s birthday in his style” said Chanchal Bhattacharya.