The Global Company DHL of Logistics Services is planning to invest $ 100 million in India in the coming years. At present, it is working with its customers to get ready for GST. Significantly, the central government is going to implement the Goods and Services Tax (GST) law in the country from July 1.

Considering the potential increase after the GST’s implementation in the country, the company’s plan is to invest more than $ 100 million in India in the next three years. Use it to expand the supply chain operation.

Scott Allison, chairman of Survival Science and Health Services, DHL Consumer Solutions and Innovation, said that we are working together to prepare new solutions for the Indian market. Our special focus is on GST and immediate challenges.

He told that in view of GST compliance, we want to help our customers. That’s because they are likely to be ready for this. This is what Alison said in an interview during the 17th DHL Global Life Sciences and Healthcare Conference held in Singapore on June 20-23.