A student who was brought to North America after 17 months in North Korea died on Monday. He was brought home in the state of coma. President Donald Trump expressed his sadness at the death of the student and termed North Korea’s rule as cruel, while China described the incident as unfortunate.

US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley also targeted North Korea. Virginia University student Otto Barmebeer was arrested during a visit to North Korea. In March 2016, the North Korean Supreme Court had only convicted in an hour’s trial. Barmbeer was sentenced to 15 years of rigorous imprisonment. The student who went on a trip to Pyongyang believed that he had tried to steal the promotion banner.

In the US, doctors watching the hairdresser said that they had a brain injury. He died in Cincinnati Hospital. The family of Barmebeer said, “Apart from this tragic end of the horrific torture that our son received at the hands of North Koreans, no other result was possible. Since his conviction in March 2016, his son was in the coma.