NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) can soon announce a big deal with aliens. This claim is hacking group Anonymous. According to Anonymous, the American space agency NASA is going to make big disclosures about the existence of aliens. Although there is no sense in Anonymous’s claim.


These claims of the hacking group are some of the most recent discoveries made by NASA. A NASA spokesman had given some indications of the search for aliens in front of the US Congress in April. Professor Thomas Zurubchen, assistant manager of the Science Mission Directorate, told the Congress that NASA has taken some important information in recent days.

NASA also detected the presence of hydrogen on Saturn’s moon. While sharing many details like this, Professor Zurubchen said that NASA has reached a very close proximity to the very important evidence related to the presence of aliens. It is believed that on the basis of these information, the international hacking agency has made such a claim.