Concerned over the worsening situation in Venezuela, the United Nations has asked President Nicolas Maduro to restore the rule of law in the country. United Nations Human Rights has strongly criticized Maduro for reducing the rights of attorney general Lucia Ortega.

Ortega had taken several important steps to protect human rights among protests in the country. They started gathering details of deaths during this period. After this, the ruling Socialist Party officials opened a front against him. Other types of allegations, including violence, were raised on Ortega.

United Nations Human Rights spokesman Rupert Colville said, “The move by Venezuela’s Supreme Court to start the process of removal of Ortega from June 28, to freeze his property and ban the country out of the country, is very worrisome as in violent incidents. Are there. The court canceled the appointment of deputy attorney general who is a violation of the provisions of the law. He was appointed by Ortega. Not only that, some of his liabilities were handed over to the Lokpal.

The attorney general had taken several important steps to protect human rights from March until now. He spoke of the importance of the proper division of power, and the people of arbitrary detention had to leave immediately. ‘

The UN spokesman has urged all the powers of Venezuela to respect the Constitution. In the meantime, President Maduro has alleged that the protest demonstration is being given to America to oust them from the power of the US. So far 80 people have died in violent demonstrations.