China’s space mission has suffered a major setback. The launch of the Long March-5 Y-2 rocket carrying overweight failed on Sunday. Immediately after the launch, there was the talk of a mess in the rocket. Through this rocket, there was a plan to install a seven-ton weighing Shijian-18 communication satellite in space orbit. The matter has been asked to investigate the matter.

According to the Xinhua news agency, the launch of the Y-2 was done at 7:23 pm local time from the Wenchang Space Launch Center in Hainan, a southern province. Immediately after the flight, the discovery of the rocket was detected. The launch was being broadcast live. Initially, the campaign was declared successful. Later, the Xinhua news agency reported the failure of the launch. The seventh seven-ton weighing Shijian-18 is the largest satellite of China till now. Through this, it was to test the DongfangHong-5 satellite platform and Q / V band. It is known that China has hastened its space mission in recent years.

The Xinhua news agency said that the first rocket in the Y-2 category was the first flight in November 2016. In April, the carrier Yan Tianjiao-1 was sent to the experimental space station through Long March-7 Y-2. This station is likely to start work from 2022. Tianjiao-1 was bigger and heavier than Tianjong-2.