To become a powerful navy all over the world, the Chinese Navy has today launched the first annihilation of 10,000 tons of its largest new generation. This new destroyer of the Navy has been built in Xiangan Shipyard (Group), Shanghai. According to the Xinhua News Agency, it is equipped with weapons of air defense, missile, anti-shipments and anti-submarine weapons. It will prove to be a milestone in improving the naval weapon system and building a strong modern navy. In addition to the two aircraft carriers, this big destroyer of China was prepared in America and, in particular, with regard to the rivalry of Indian Maritime Powers.

The Chinese Navy is currently trying to increase its war power, which will work on missions away from the beaches along with the aircraft carrier. The first aircraft carrier Liaoning has started a routine training mission with Chinese naval ships from Xinghua of Eastern China on June 25. It has been said in the statement of the Chinese Ministry of Defense that in the formation of the Navy, Jinan and Yinchuan, Frigate Jantai and J-15 fighter planes and a squadron of helicopters are included.

This training mission is expected to strengthen the coordination of ships and improve the skills of crew and pilots in various maritime areas. After launching China’s domestic carrier in April, this is the first exercise of the aircraft carrier lining in the Soviet ship bought from Ukraine. The new aircraft carrier is expected to operate till 2019. Liaoning had previously practiced with his war group in the disputed the South China Sea as well as the East China Sea.