China is engaged in enhancing its military capability in the South China Sea.Aside from America, strategically important, bypassing the warning of other countries in this area, Beijing has developed a new military base on the artificial island of South China Sea. This information has been given in the latest report of the American Think Tank Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative (AMTI). This has increased the apprehensions of tension in the region.

AMTI has informed that new satellite photos have confirmed the installation of missile shelters and radar and communication systems at Fairy Cross Reef, Misschief and Subi Reefs of Spartali Islands. China has developed four new missile shelters at Fairy Cross Reef. Here are eight such shelters already present. According to the think tank, there are already eight-eight missile shelters on Mischef and Subi. Very large antenna is being installed on the Mischief Reef. With the help of this, the surrounding areas can be easily monitored. This can be a cause for concern especially for the Philippines, because it is claiming its surroundings in the surrounding areas. China is also developing two small-sized dome on this island. The possibility of deploying a radar system has been expressed here. A big dome has been completed recently on the Fairy Cross. In the report, China will soon have military equipment,

Stress will increase in US and China

Beijing’s latest move in the South China Sea can increase tensions with the US. Under the Free Shipping Policy in this area, the US warship reached the 22-kilometer radius of Misschief Reef in May. It is known that China claims its territory on most of the South China Sea. Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam also declare their rights.