In the year 2015, Melbourne was the quarter-finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup in Melbourne. For the first time in the knock-out round of the World Cup, the Bangladesh team was bowling and Team India batting. In the 40th over of Indian innings, Rohit Sharma scored the fourth and full ball of Rubel Hossain. The keeper of the Deep square leg grabbed the ball and the umpire called it a no ball. Rohit, who scored 90 runs at that time, scored 137 runs in that match. In response, Shikhar Dhawan caught a catch on the boundary line, during Mahmudullah The catch was suspicious but the umpire gave the verdict against Mahmudullah. India reached the semi-finals after winning the match.

Champions Trophy 2017: India-Bangladesh Bitterness at an another level

This match is not remembered for Rohit’s century or India’s victory. This match gave rise to a rivalry between India and Bangladesh which could later overcome the Rivalry of India and Pakistan. After this match, it was a bit of a bitter feeling in every Bangladeshi mind that India used its power in the ICC. The umpires had already made up their mind to win India.

After this match, Chairman of the then ICC President, Mustafa Kamal of Bangladesh, termed this “fixed” while speaking to the media immediately after Bangladesh’s defeat. Outside the field, the furious anger of Bangladeshi origin was at the peak. Bangladeshi journalists were not able to suppress their resentment. How does the craze of cricket in Bangladesh climb upwards? It can be estimated from the fact that the largest team of journalists came to Bangladesh from coverage of this World Cup.

Champions Trophy 2017: India-Bangladesh Bitterness at an another level

After that in the semifinal match in Sydney, when Team India lost to Australia, the Bangladeshi journalists present in the press box congratulated each other. Bangladeshi resentment against India was also seen in their country and they were exhibited in Dhaka. Describing the country’s popularity, Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also criticized the role of the umpires in India’s victory in this match.

Just think … if a Prime Minister of a country has to give a statement in a cricket match after the defeat, then what will be the craze for cricket in that country? The venom of poison for Team India in the Bangladesh Cup in Bangladesh has been noticed in this match when the team went to Bangladesh for the ODI series after the World Cup.

Champions Trophy 2017: India-Bangladesh Bitterness at an another level

Advertisements made by junking Indian players in Bangladesh and Bangladesh’s victory in this series was presented in such a way that Bangladesh had taken revenge for the World Cup defeat. Even before the Champions Trophy semi-finals, this type of poster and advertisement of Bangladeshi fans are trending on Twitter.

Indian fans still remember Bangladesh as a villain for the defeat in the first round of India in the 2007 World Cup. But if the fans of Bangladesh see the dream of defeating any team and defeating them repeatedly, then that team is India itself. A revival of this game has stood between two neighboring countries. And in the semi-finals of the Champions Trophy this rivalry can get a new one.