The continuous attack of terrorists has blurred in Afghanistan. The militants on Thursday targeted a bank in the Lashkar stronghold. In it, 34 people died and more than 60 were injured. The explosion was caused by a car bomb explosion. Even in Pakistani months of Ramzan, terrorists are not taking the name of restraint. There was a huge crowd in New Kabul Bank to withdraw money for Eid. During this time the blasts were carried out.

The bomb blast was so powerful that the bank was stunned by steep vehicles in the campus. No terrorist organization has so far taken responsibility for the incident. Yet the suspicion is being made on the Taliban. This group is currently attacking Afghan forces under its spinning offensive throughout the country. Today a large number of Army personnel also reached the bank to get the salary. Many soldiers were killed in the attack.

In February this year, terrorists had attacked a bank in Lashkar-gah with a car bomb. Suicide bombed straight into the crowd with a car full of ammunition and then blasted himself. The Taliban control over 10 of the 14 districts of the Helmand province under which Helmand province belongs. Terrorists cultivate opium on a large scale in these districts. Due to the ongoing conflict between the army and the terrorists, thousands of people have been evacuated from the Lashkar stronghold till now.